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Chapter III
May 17, 10 9:56 PM
Great Job!!!
Apr 24, 10 3:35 AM
New patch for Chapter III!!!
Apr 21, 10 4:13 AM
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 Welcome to the Twilightbrigade!!!

Welcome one and all!!! We are a close family type of group of players who just have fun enjoying the game. As of right now we only have a level 6 guild but have high hopes of reaching level 7 really soon and getting our castle. If interested in joining post in the general discussion thread under guild app with the best time at which you may be on an i or one of my officers will get back to you as soon as possible...but other than that we are a laid back guild that is just looking to have fun and play the game the way it is meant to be played not like some of those up tight guild u may see out there where you step out of line once and your out for good!!! Well welcome to the sight and hope you enjoy!!!

(also on another note we are only accepting players of the ages of 18+ mature audience only due to the recent events that transpired in our guild. Thankyou for your understanding and hope to see you ingame!!!)

Update!!!!: To all players new or old that may be interested in joining this guild you now have to contact Zawl in-game for an invite the main players of the guild have disbanded over some differences and i the admin/used to be leader of this guild no longer run the guild due the some differences ppl had with me just trying to find that right class combo for my play style "too bad i found it right when everything hit breaking point well good luck and good hunting to all.

Chapter III

Darkhaseo, May 17, 10 9:56 PM.
Finally the third chapter in Taborea is being released today hopefully it comes with a lot of class/quest fixes and maby if were all lucky we may just get the auction house diamond/gold trade back *crossing fingers*!!!

Great Job!!!

Darkhaseo, Apr 24, 10 3:35 AM.
So far the guild is doing great everyone so lets keep it up was suprised i found so many wonderful people who are active I was worried that the guild might just end up as one more dead guild to add to the ranks

New patch for Chapter III!!!

Darkhaseo, Apr 21, 10 4:13 AM.
Chapter 3 is now up and running with minor setbacks but nothing to really worry about other than that just have fun with all the events that is going along with the new addition to our great world of Taboreia!!!
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